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Welcome to Sanity Docs (beta)

Here you’ll find ways to get started with Sanity Studio V3, understand core concepts, and explore a variety of resources to help you get the most from Sanity.

What is this?

You are now looking at the beta version of the new Sanity Documentation. We are reworking the documentation for a couple of reasons:

  • We want to improve the documentation information architecture, making it easier to use for new-comers and more efficient for users of the platform
  • We needed to accommodate the documentation for the new Sanity Studio V3, which introduced new concepts and API surfaces
  • We want the documentation to live in a separate app and not in the same as the marketing pages
  • We want feedback on the ongoing documentation work to serve better people who are building on the platform

This is a work in progress!

This is a beta website for Studio v3 beta. There will be bugs, performance issues, and missing content.

How much content is ready?

At present, this documentation mostly covers Sanity Studio Version 3.

How can I provide feedback?

You can give us feedback and ask questions over on GitHub Discussions.

Will this site replace the main site?

We aim to switch this site to be the main one once we reach content parity with the existing Sanity documentation. The old Sanity website will be archived at a subdomain, so you’ll still be able to access it. Old content links will redirect to the archived subdomain, which will have a notice about outdated content.

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